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Customer Results


We focus on real results for our customers.

People who are interested in getting better at closing deals over the phone would definitively be in the wrong place here. We value understanding the customer's problems more than anything else. Our market is the entire world, and we utilise a consultative approach to sales and customer management. 

We build customer relations based on trust. We take pride in being credible, knowledgeable and thoughtful in what we do. We make sure the business runs smooth and trust each other to do our best, however or wherever we choose to do so.

We have loads of fun after work as well: from team days to escape rooms and brekkies. Some team members feel it is appropriate to cheat at four-in-a-row on team days, making a fool out of the CEO and VP of Technology, especially the VP of Technology who was supposed to make sure... anyway... when people do not cheat, we have a lot fun.


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